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Marketing construction products and services requires skill and sophistication. Whether it’s a homeowner searching for furnace repair or a builder setting to work on a high rise, people choose their construction partners carefully. The keys to successful marketing are establishing credibility and reliability, and then generating leads.

Construction Marketing
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How Theme10 Markets for Construction Trades

One of the Theme10 advantages for any industry we market for is that we niche specialize. This means that we have pre-built all the infrastructure to ensure timely results and ROI on any marketing strategy we implement. In typical cases the construction trades, including but not limited to: General Contractors, Plumbers, Electricians, Carpet Installers, Tile Installers, Pool Builders, and painters, there is a heavy reliance on the local populous to generate business. Being few of these types of companies and trades operate outside of a given service area our main focus is on heavy local marketing and top 3 Google map results (or the 3 pack) as well as a heavy emphasis on call tracking.

Challenges of the Industry

The construction industry and all related trades do pose a few changes when marketing. One of the important factors to consider is the paid marketing channel. Paid ads are based on demographics combined with keywords. When Theme10 approaches advertising we are extremely thorough with our keyword researcher. It is far too easy with inexperienced marketers to throw away money on poorly targeted clicks.

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